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Low Profile Shutdown Timer - 4 Hour

Lind Power Adapter—Model MD1560-3686

Low Profile Shutdown Timer - 4 Hour

The Lind LPT1230-054 Low Profile Shutdown Timer protects your vehicle’s battery from over-discharge and equipment from low voltage and high voltage damage. This device turns off electrical loads at a preset time after the car engine is shut down. This timer provides the same protective functions as Lind’s standard Shutdown Timers but comes with a reduced height profile for installation into more compact areas.

More compact design via reduced height profile

Adjustable shut down delay time (from 5 seconds to 4 hours, factory set to 2 hours)

Low voltage shut down at 10.5 Vdc

High voltage shut down at 18 Vdc with auto reset

Loads up to 30 amps