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CamDisc VG 4c

CamDisc VG 4c

CamDisc VG 4c

Digital video transmission system with recording for 1 analogue and 1 IP camera or 2 IP cameras

  • Recording, transmission and display of GPS data with serial GPS receiver or with optional 3G/GPS module
  • Longterm recording onto internal 1 TB hard disk with adaptive track management for schedule-controlled permanent and motion recording, or contact-triggered event recording
  • Suitable for stationary applications
  • Real-time video recording
  • Hybrid functionality with manufacturer-neutral compatibility for analogue and IP cameras
  • ONVIF compatible with selected IP cameras
  • Image resolutions up to 720 x 288 pixels and megapixel resolution with IP-cameras 
  • Integrated Multi-Unicast server supporting multiple IP connections
  • Integrated Web server for video transmission and camera remote control via PC/Tablet and Smartphone browser
  • HTconnect enables unrestricted, but safe access over the Internet to Firewall protected video systems (also with dynamic IP-addresses) in private nets. Additionally HTconnect controls permanently the availability of the entire system from public net over private net to VideoGateways
  • Camera position authentication and camera specific alarming of video loss
  • Integrated e-mail client for alarming up to two email addresses
  • Definition of up to 5 privacy zones1 with the options live images or live and recorded images 
  • Precise recording (exact to the second) of pre- and post-alarm images, individually adjustable to camera and event
  • Event-triggered connections by alarm contact, motion detection (depending on type of IP cameras), serial command, technical alarm, and routine call
  • Perfected for alarm verification and conformity with control centre applications
  • Integrated interfaces for network, camera remote control, data transmission, and system integration
  • High-Level Integration (HLI) of ADPRO PRO/PRO E Passive Infrared Detectors (PIR) via serial interface
  • Extensive remote control functions to control lighting, barriers, alarms, doors, or any relay-controlled devices
  • Multi-criteria evaluation of recordings
  • Live video transmission and simultaneous archive evaluation and recording (Triplex)
  • Optional, bidirectional audio transmission and recording onto integrated storage medium
  • Remote playback of pre-recorded audio tracks (e. g. to adress intruder on premises)
  • Resistance-monitored alarm inputs
  • BS 8418 compliant
  • Compact design, suitable for desk and wall mounting


 Component   Description
 Audio Card  Audio module for bi-directional transmission of digital audio signals in voice quality
 3G/GPS module with automatic switching between HSDPA (3G) or GPRS includingmobile antenna (without GPS antenna and SIM card) for IP connections

In addition to the standard model CamDisc VG 2c the following options are possible:

 Integrated Audio Module  CamDisc VG 4c/A
 Integrated 3G Module  CamDisc VG 4c/3G
 Integrated Audio and 3G Module  CamDisc VG 4c/A/3G

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