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Construction industry professionals demand smart ruggedized mobile technologies that will help them deliver quality products and meet firm project deadlines without issue. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in residential or commercial construction: You need a rugged mobile computer that is compatible with each of your organization’s back-office systems and powerful enough to run all of your workflow applications in the field without the risk of disconnect, data loss, or downtime. That is why many of the world’s leading construction, architect and design firms choose rugged laptop & tablet technologies for all of their mobility needs.

Only rugged tablets can deliver the real-time data, uninterrupted connectivity, uncompromising safety measures, and long-lasting platform stability you need to meet high-quality project performance standards without fail.Rugged tablets are engineered to deliver the dynamic blueprints, GIS data, connectivity and collaboration tools required of those professionals building our world’s critical infrastructure – from homes and offices, to utility and telecommunication infrastructures. When you choose an rugged tablet, you gain the tools needed to protect your designs, your workers, your integrity, and your mobility investments – without compromise. 

How Rugged Tablets and Laptops are Specifically Designed for Architects, Engineers, and Construction Industry Professionals

Dust, drops, vibration, rain, and humidity are as standard as a hard hat at almost every construction job site worldwide. Plus, construction industry safety standards designed to protect workers don’t make exceptions for mobile computer usage. Fortunately, every rugged, fully rugged, and ultra-rugged tablet comes standard with built-in internal and external safeguards that protect your data, devices, and workers among all of those hazards – and more.

Our bright, outdoor-viewable tablet displays enable you to read the smallest details without issue, whether you’re reviewing AutoCAD drawings and permits for a high rise or the maintenance logs for your crew’s heavy machinery. The capacitive multi-touch and glove touch capabilities of many tablets, along with pen, voice and hi-res camera input options, make it easy to track project progress, monitor job site safety and submit inspection reports while on-site. And, no matter how remote you may be, the built-in 4G LTE and satellite GPS technologies will keep you connected to your team, customers, subcontractors and data. Plus, every rugged tablet solution is MIL-STD-810G certified and either ATEX, C1D2, or C1Z2 compliant for safe use in Hazardous Locations such as the typical construction site and many fleet storage facilities.

However,rugged tablet technologies aren’t just ideal for outdoor workers exposed to the environmental elements. All of our ruggedized tablet platforms can be securely mounted in work trucks and heavy machinery alike, and all can easily transform into a desktop-like setup back at the office with WiFi connectivity and a wirelessly-connected keyboard – one of the features most appealing to project managers, design engineers, and architects.Windows and Android tablets provide a familiar user experience, facilitating fast on-boarding of new devices while minimizing business process changes. You can even consolidate and mobilize workflow software via the tablets to more efficiently manage finance and project data from the field.Rugged tablets are the perfect solution for those who want simplified access to multiple construction-related composites, reduced operational costs and a way to lower both technology and project management risks.

Rugged Tablet and Laptops Lay the Perfect Foundation for Every Construction Industry Mobile Workflow:

From design to pre-construction and through to the final inspection, Miltec’s field-proven rugged tablet solutions will help you get the job done right at the job site or in the office:

Rugged Tablets for Construction

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Inspections
  • Project Management
  • Raw Materials / Finished Inventory Management
  • Business Development / Sales Mobility
  • Appraisals
  • Scheduling
  • Permitting
  • Work Order Management
  • Dispatch and Navigation
  • GIS / Mapping / Plotting In-Vehicle
  • Data Collection
  • Remote Reporting
  • Purchasing/Billing
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