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Rugged Mobile Computing for Auto Manufacturing

With automotive consumers demanding safer, more fuel efficient, and more technological features than ever before, the automotive manufacturing industry is seeing faster change and a continuing push for quality. That means, regardless of your role in the automotive supply chain, you likely operate on a 24/7 shift – and automotive plant production managers, assembly line operators, and auto manufacturing inspectors all demand 24/7 access to data detailed in electronic user manuals, work orders, repair tickets, and shipping labels. Paperless automotive factories driven by rugged computing tablets are the only way to move fast, deliver real-time data, schedule parts delivery, and track quality.

By choosing industrial-designed, automotive rugged tablets to power all your automotive manufacturing workflows, you’ll bring state-of-the-art productivity to your auto manufacturing plant operations and eliminate downtime – safely and securely.

Rugged Tablets are Built to Help Auto Manufacturers:

  • Review and assign daily job orders
  • Securely dock rugged tablet to work carts along the automotive production line for immediate documentation, data retrieval, and communications capabilities
  • Safely carry the rugged tablet into the tightest nooks and crannies for inspection, maintenance and repair tasks
  • Connect to and track sophisticated machinery
  • Document incidents to drive toward higher-quality auto manufacturing
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