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Rugged Tablets Built for Public Safety & Emergency Management Operations

Miltec rugged tablet solutions arm all public safety and emergency response officials – from dispatch to police,firefighters to EMS, municipal service to national parks, and even law enforcement investigators – with real-time information, data capture at the scene, and reliable communication channels. From the first call through the full incident investigation, ruggedized mobile PCs enable critical capabilities with real-time data access. These mobility-driven workflows are impractical with bulky rugged laptops that are difficult to disconnect from emergency vehicles.Durable public safety tablets run all of your critical software, enable constant communication with other in-vehicle electronics, and deliver immediate intelligence that allows for real-time, informed-response coordination between all public safety partner agencies during emergency response and emergency management operations.

Find out why Miltec's tough tablet solutions provide the right rugged mobile computing solution for your public safety organization’s most extreme calls, most routine public safety tasks, and all mobile workflows mandatory for public safety officials on the frontlines and back in the office.

Public Safety Management

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