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Rugged Mobile Computing for Fire & Rescue Departments

Firefighters’ jobs often happen in the heat of the moment. That means that there’s no time for data delays when an emergency call comes in. They need to know where to respond, the quickest way to get there, and the severity of the situation. Pen and paper data documentation is not realistic around fire or water, and rugged mobile computing solutions are the only viable option for fire departments that need reliable dispatch communication channels, GPS guidance to the incident location, and real-time coordination with other emergency response agencies.

Designed to be intrinsically safe in potentially explosive environments, C1D2/C1Z2 and ATEX compliant tablets are the best option when the stakes are high and you need a durable tablet PC that delivers must-have mobility for fire & rescue crews. Our tough tablets are built to run strong when external temperatures rise amid potentially flammable gas and fluids, and they won’t shut down when exposed to water.Rugged tablets offer the additional advantage of capacitive and resistive touch capabilities for use in the rain and with gloves.

Rugged Tablets for Fire & Rescue are Purposely Built to:

  • Capture, share and receive real-time fire/rescue incident updates with built-in, blazing fast, and reliable 4G LTE and Wi-Fi technologies
  • Receive accurate GPS guidance to get firefighters on-site faster and provide improved situational awareness
  • Prepare rescue operations en-route to accidents, natural disasters or fires by reviewing area schematics, hydrant locations, mapping and receiving constant updates from witnesses and other first responders already at the scene -- even in extreme temperatures,weather conditions, and disaster situations
  • Inspect the scene and document evidence with mobile data collection tools such as pen, camera, or video, designed for accurate reporting by fire department personnel.
  • Record or stream live feeds of incidents to HQ using built-in cameras
  • Access checklists and document violations during building inspections
  • Help ensure the safety of emergency responders in hazmat and other explosive scenarios with CI/D2, CI/Z2, and ATEX certifications on select tablets
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