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Rugged Mobile Computing for Water Utility Field Service

Though Water Utilities manage some of the longest-in-service infrastructure in the country, they’ve led in automation with Smart Meters and now mobile technologies. Our top IP-rated, water-resistant rugged computing technologies enable quick automation of remaining paper processes and fragile PDAs not conducive to the typical operating environment of water and wastewater utilities. When time and cost savings matter – whether you need to stop water leaks, data losses, or asset downtime – only our ru rugged tablet PCs fill the need. With features like built in GPS, it’s easy to find your assets when response time is critical. Mobilize your water utility workflows to keep the work seamlessly and securely flowing from the office, to the vehicle, and to the field during service.

Rugged Tablets Help Water and Wastewater Utility Field Workers with:

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Service
  • GIS Mapping
  • Water Utilities Infrastructure Inspections
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance and Repair Scheduling and Completion
  • Real-Time Asset Monitoring
  • Safety audits and Compliance Reporting
  • Work Orders

Rugged Mobile Computing for Water Utility Field Service

Rugged mobile devices are ideal for water utility field service operations. They boast a number of advanced computing features that give technicians efficiency advantage when completing tasks such as infrastructure inspections, scheduling and completion, as well as asset lifecycle management.

Miltec offers a wide range of rugged shockproof and water resistant mobile computer, each of which is perfectly-designed to serve the specific technology needs of water utilities’ technicians from the office to the field. Our IP65 and IP67 rated tablets come standard with advanced authentication measures, such as fingerprint readers, encryption, and removable hard drives, to ensure that utilities’ sensitive infrastructure and customer data is protected and never lost. With our rugged devices, water utilities’ teams can keep real-time data flowing no matter how remote the location without worry about weather-related interruptions to data or voice communication transmissions.

To find out which rugged devices will be the best for your water utility installation, maintenance and repair teams, contact the experts at Miltec Rugged Computing.

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