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                             Need for Rugged Laptops:

                                   1. Notebook Damage Results:
                                   a.Damage rates noted as high as 18%
                                   b.75% of companies with large notebook fleets had damage
                                   c.Average cost is $1,200 per incident
                                   d.85% don’t track downtime, 50% don’t know costs of repair
                                   e.Lost opportunity costs are immeasurable
                                   f.Reliability is leading purchase criterion in all cases
                                    Causes of Damage:
Types of Damages:
Average Downtime Due to Notebook Damage:
                                                  Cost of Damage
                              $1700 million bill for damage in 2002
                              a.Rises to $5 billion in year 2010
                              b.Average repair cost is $1,800
                              c.Approaches “replacement” scenario
                              d.Indirect costs are substantial
                              e.Failure rates average 11 - 18%
                              f.Cost of exchange pools, extended warranties
                              g.22.5% increase over last 3 years
                              e.Expected to rise additionally 30% in next three years

                          Advantages using Ruggedized laptops:

                              Improve ROI
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